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BOM Health Management

Your bill of material's health plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of your PCB design, and our electronic manufacturing design service offers expert BOM reviews. 


Why Check Your BOM'S Health?

A healthy BOM will make it easier to source components for your board and ensure they are high quality and suitable for your application.

When choosing components, several factors should be taken into consideration: 

  • Functionality: Each component should serve its designated purpose in the PCB, and must be able to withstand the expected operating conditions. This includes temperature range, voltage ratings, and more.

  • Quality: The quality of the components directly affects the reliability and longevity of your PCB. It's important to source components from reputable suppliers to ensure consistency and avoid potential issues.

  • Availability: It's crucial to choose components that are readily available in the market. This ensures that replacements can easily be found in case of a component shortage or discontinuation.

  • Cost: While it's important to source high-quality components, cost is also a factor that should not be overlooked. Finding a balance between cost and quality is key when choosing components for your PCB.

  • Compatibility: Components must be compatible with each other and with the overall design of the PCB. This includes factors such as package size, pinouts, and communication protocols.

Strategies for Ensuring BOM Health

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To ensure a healthy BOM, here are some strategies that can be implemented during the design process:

  • Thorough research: It's important to thoroughly research and understand the requirements of your design, and select components accordingly. This includes considering factors such as operating conditions, lifespan, and compatibility.
  • Working with reputable suppliers: Working with reliable suppliers ensures that you receive high-quality components that are consistent and meet industry standards.
  • Utilizing BOM management tools: There are various software tools available that can help manage and organize your BOM, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring accuracy.
  • Regular component testing: It's crucial to regularly test components during the design process to ensure they meet specifications and perform as expected in the final product.

Let Us Review Your BOM

Our electronic manufacturing service offers BOM review to ensure proper materials for your PCB design. Fill out the form to get started.