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Electronics for energy industry - windmills

Electronics Contract Manufacturing

Electronics for the Energy Industry

Electrical Demand Control Systems. Pitch Control Systems in Wind Turbines. Underground Mine Remote Devices. 


A Foundation of Success

Matric has won awards for maintaining on-time delivery.  The award qualifications include:

  • A level of quality of less than 3,000 DPM, or 99.7%;
  • On-time delivery of 95% or better;
  • A minimum sales total.

If you would like more information about how a full-service contract manufacturer can augment the abilities of your company and your equipment in the energy industry, fill out the form, let us know how we can help, and we will send you more information on what Matric can do for you.


The quality of your energy design process can affect not only workers safety; but also the entire plants operation. Working with an ECM that is fully certified can help improve your design and reduce risk of failure.

For the mining or oil industries, manufacturers should use intrinsically safe (IS) electronic components.

Energy Industry - Inside a mine


Telecommunications PCB Design and Layout





Matric, a full-service aerospace PCB assembly contract manufacturer, works not only with government and military partners, but also with private companies. 

Unlike many other electronics contract manufacturers (ECMs), we specialize in Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). We’ll help you meet explosion-proof and intrinsic safety requirements for energy-industry PCB assembly -- and here’s how:



Your electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) needs to have all the requirements covered up-front for handling sensitive energy design standards.

Matric is fully certified in MSHA and ATEX. MSHA certifications ensures that a product won't cause a mine collapse if it happens to explode. ATEX certification is very similar, but also requires achieving a CE mark. 


It’s a given that you want your contractor to possess proven precision in placing energy electronic components. Matric takes the relationship a step further by providing valuable design advice.

With IS products, the risk of mine collapse or failure from a PCB failure is virtually non-existent. IS products feature currents, voltage, and power levels that don't exceed 1.3W. Such low wattage eliminates the potential of ignition. 


Temperature is another concern when it comes to IS products. Electronics meeting the T4 designation are considered IS, and won't exceed 275° in temperature. 


Energy Industry - technology inside a mine


Creating a PCB


Contract manufacturing a PCB




PCB construction for energy



Due to the complex nature of today's electronics, many aren't built to withstand the test of time. That's why many manufacturers are turning to aftermarket and remanufacturing services to rework and repurpose dated electronics. 

Electronics reworking is especially critical for the energy sector where infrastructure for solar, wind, and geothermal energies need to be state-of-the-art. 

Reworking outdated electronics saves time and money from component failure. Consider remanufacturing and aftermarket services to: 

  • Gain long-term cost savings
  • Avoid downtime
  • Gain versatility of services
  • Reduce e-waste
  • Avoid component shortage and failure
  • Prevent future breakdowns
  • Find a turnkey PCB solution