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40kW Battery Charger

Forklifts | Industrial Equipment | Unmanned Warehouse Equipment

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Warehouse with Forklift

Mobile 40kW Battery Charging Station


Our brand new 40kW battery charger is compact, versatile, and delivers high-efficiency charging for various battery applications. It can easily handle charging forklifts, unmanned warehouse equipment, and industrial equipment.

Its sleek and durable design fits any location and can be customized to your company's standards. The charger also features smart technology to optimize the charging process and protect against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting. 

Our private label battery charger can be fully tailored to your needs, from the battery management system and dual controls to the design that matches your brand.

Input | Output

Low-Switching Losses

Battery Parameters

Application Adaptability
Multiple Battery Materials


Flexible Integration
Private Label

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The exclusivity of our 40kW battery charger sets it apart from all others on the market today. With the ability to tailor it to your specific Battery Management System (BMS) and the convenience of manufacturing at one of our locations, we offer a truly customized private label solution for your charging needs.

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