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Matric Group | EMS Manufacturing Compliance & Standards Guide

Electronics Manufacturing Compliance & Standards Guide

Electronics makers must stay on top of what’s going into their products and whether those materials can be sold in their target markets -- what’s OK in one nation may be illegal in another.

We’ve sorted out the confusion and packed all the answers you need into this handy guide.

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Matric Group | PCB Testing, Prototyping & Inspection

Ultimate Guide to PCB Testing, Prototyping, & Inspection

Like most parts of the PCB production process, testing/inspection and prototyping go smoothest when the OEM and the contract manufacturer are in lockstep.

That’s why we’ve put together this Ultimate Guide of everything you'll need to know along the way

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Matric Group | SMD Resistor & Capacitor Size Charts

SMD Resistor & Capacitor Size Charts

Getting specifications right on a printed circuit board -- especially as components continue to shrink -- is a challenge. Best to have all the tools and reference you need right by your side!

We’ve created an SMD resistor and capacitor sizes chart, along with a visual size comparison for easy reference.

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Contract Electronics Manufacturing Resources

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